Hold of the Ironguard

When the Baron comes to Town
Session: 1 (All Dms)

Lambing season arrived at Pryam sending the town to work. Many of the town’s folk were working at the goat farms to lighten the load on the farmers there. However the excitement shifted suddenly when a messenger came alerting everyone to something more important than the lambing.

Baron Askard Ghillebrant, The Hunter was coming to Town.

At these words the town went into a panic as preparation were to be made to accommodate the Baron and his hunting party. Accommodation, the feast, and entertainment were all to be prepared before the Baron’s Arrival.

With the preparations barely finished, the people of Pryam watched as the hunting party entered the small town. Twenty knights of the Fey on horses, a pack of the Baron’s ‘Hounds’, and the Baron himself. A tall man who, by his mere presence sent many of those in attendance to their knees.

He stated that his hunting party, his ‘hounds, and he would need food and lodging for the night as his hunt continued in the morning. Preparations were made with lodging being found in various houses for the Baron and his knights while the ‘Hounds’ were to stay in the boathouse owned by Erik Wright.

During the night, one of the Baron’s hounds managed to escape the boathouse where it was contained. This lead to it being attacked in selfdefense by a resident of Pryam.

In the morning when the Baron found the injured hound he was furious, wanting the individual who attacked his hound to come forward. Andrew stepped forward to take the blame saying that those who were tasked to hold the hounds were under his command. The Baron then demanded to know who were the ones responsible for the guarding of the boathouse. When they stepped forward, the Baron drew his hunting spear and cut Steve’s arm off at the elbow.

The Baron’s fury did not end there however as he jammed his spear into the ground then proceeded to break the blade of the weapon stating that the blade had been ‘sullied’ by mortal blood. To rectify this he tasked the town to bring him a new blade made of materials worthy of his hand. At that the Baron left with his hunting party.

With much to think on, the town’s folk discussed how to proceed. Suggestions came from Morven Cooper to search the forrest for heartwood, though Gavin Ash mentioned that Heartwood would be defended by Unicorns who despised hunters. Varon Khazad also suggested traveling north to find mithril in the old dwarven holds far to the north in the mountains.

At the end of the discussion two groups were to be formed, those traveling to the west to find heartwood and the expedition north to find the dwarven holds and some mithril.


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