Tess Corvus

Human bard


Hair: Black
Eyes: Pale Blue
Age: 19
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 145lbs


Tess began as all good adventurers do. In a tavern. Well, that’s what her mother, Evelyn, tells her. The identity of her father varies greatly, between ‘divine intervention’, ‘local dignitary’, ‘long dead woodsman’ and ‘random murderhobo’ depending on the woman’s mood, but the result is the same. Tess has no idea who her father is, and was reminded of that fact more than twice during her time growing up in Pryam. Of course, many liked to speculate that even Tess’s mother didn’t know who he was, but Evelyn would simply shrug, smirk, and go back to her work at the local Inn. Evelyn did give her daughter one hint, however, the surname of Corvus, that of her father. Whether even that is true or not is anyone’s guess.

While her peers weren’t overtly cruel, the welcome wasn’t exactly toasty warm either. As a result, Tess had always felt different, a little apart from the rest of the village. She would wander further and longer past the pallisades than was wise, as wisdom has never been her strong suit. Fascinated by tales of adventure, of anything and everything beyond the village, she would follow the halflings when they came to town, pestering them for news and stories and music, always music. The bards and rare travellers that braved the world beyond the gates received similar attention, Tess making good use of the fact she lived at the village’s only Inn. This fascination took hold, and created a spark in her that longed not only to hear such tales but to tell them, and, of course, to live some of them herself.

One day, she swore to herself, one day she would have such tales to tell, such songs to sing of her own deeds. So she began to study, to work hard, to learn the songs, the art of the bard, from anyone and everyone who would spare her a lesson. Practicing day and night, she again used her living situation to great advantage, soon performing regularly at the Inn. As her skills grew, so did her longing for adventure, her restlessness, her yearning to see more of the world. Well, you know the old saying: ‘be careful what you wish for’.

Tess Corvus

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