Morven Cooper

Muscular, Handsome, mebbe not the smartest Lad


26 Years old. 6’2" in height. Weighs 220lb. Blonde hair, Bright Hazel eyes. Well tanned


Being large, strong and good looking it’s easy to imagine that Morven is mercifully free of the ravages of intellect, and while it is true he’s not studious by any stretch to think him stupid is to sell him short. His quiet, patient nature makes most at ease around him and the few words he does speak are always carefully considered. Despite this he is actually uncomfortable around large crowds or loud noises and would much rather spend time walking quietly through the forest or sitting, playing his flute.

He never felt drawn to helping his father at the cooperage making himself useful instead by gathering wood; from fallen branches to entire logs dragged intact back to town. It was a common sight to see Morven walking off into the forest at first light to return at earliest evening fully laden with his day’s efforts.

In his eighteenth year he did not return from one such a trip as expected. A search was launched the following morning and Morven was found severely bloodied and near death. The severity of his injuries was such that it was thought he would surely die but after a month’s convalescence he seemed to have made a full recovery. Surprisingly though his eyes seemed to have changed colour from brown to a bright hazel during that time.

Years have passed since that time and even though he has a cottage of his own Morven has never shown any interest in taking a wife or having children. He still ventures into the forest every day to gather wood but from time to time he does not return at evening and other times he returns empty handed. His hearth often lies cold while Morven sits on his porch watching the world pass by.

Morven Cooper

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